Best Luxury Rides in LA

Do you know where you can rent the best rides in the entire LA? Where does quality and price meet? You don’t know? Well Envus Company in Orange County makes this dream come true. If you are looking for really great muscle cars, luxurious Ferrari to wait you on John Wayne airport well please fill the forms and rent your car here. This company is offering you the biggest variety of cars in a range from Audi A8 spider to Lamborghini Huracan. These are really expensive cars and they are requiring much money for renting.

If you are considering what ride you should pick then think about the Lamborghini Huracan. It is priced on $275,000 and it has all sorts of advantages like tops speed at 200mph and from 0 to 60 in three seconds. This is car for only renters who want a maximum pleasure and maximum performance.

If you are looking for all sorts of exotic cars then Envus Renting Company can offer you T-Rex or R8. This three wheel monster is a really interesting vehicle. You should book your cars in advance in order to get them. Bookings are usually done few weeks in advance. You should also know that if you are renting your car and you tell the company that you want that your car waits you on the airport, one fifth of your renting price will go on taxes. Refunding isn’t an option when it comes to this level of luxury cars so think twice before you book them.


All companies are offering you some additional things like free card to other countries and especially pass to Canada but this usually comes at extra cost. Luxurious cars are in 90% time strong and very fast vehicles so you should try to behave as normal person would. Speeding tickets, parking problems and traffic violations will all be waiting on your bill so don’t rush into it so easy. Company can force you to pay some additional fees if you break traffic violations with their car.

Best-T-Rex-Motorcycle-Rental-Agency-1024x425Envus Company is offering all sorts of discounts very often. Try to predict the next discount of certain cars and maximize your thrill and enjoyment and minimize the money that you will spend.  In cases of some heavy accidents entire fleet of these luxurious cars are secured but nonetheless the company will put the entire guilt on you and demand some payment.

Try to look in different companies and check out some of their offers but I am guaranteeing you that you won’t find better cars, at better price in LA and ThisLosAngeles. Picking the car is your own decision and I am sure that you will pick good among this huge giants. The most important thing is that you are enjoying in your driving and make it unforgettable whether it is a family holiday or vacation or you are just doing it for fun. Really, driving one of these cars will say to you that only sky Is the limit so don’t forget to think about that.