Would you drive Ferrari in LA?

When I say luxury cars renting in LA everybody would think on Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini etc. Actually, there are more luxurious cars than you can imagine. Can you afford it to drive these cars? What makes a car luxurious? Why the cars are luxurious in the first place?
For instance one of the most luxurious cars in Europe in the past years are BMW and Mercedes. These are great cars with leather seats and full wood look of the inside panels. BMW is all about those bright white lights which makes the car looks like it is from Fast & Furious. One of the most popular Mercedes is the famous S class of 2015. It has really great reputation and awesome reviews. It is a very reliable car with strong engine. This car counts as a high-luxury car. The next car on the line is Audi A8. It has very lavish interior and it has such a classy handling. You don’t feel actually that he is going on the wheels, you have a feeling that car is flying.

If you are in LA and you are in the need of renting and you would like to rent some luxurious, lavish and classy car think about these cars and brands. Porsche and Ferrari are very good and very luxurious cars but they are losing their thunder on the market. When it comes to prices these Italian giants cost the most and if you are not rich as Bill Gates or Rupert Murdoch then you should consider what would happen if this car is crashed. Companies are offering you some sort of insurance but in case of crash you are really dead man. You need to deposit around 5,000$ before driving it away and in case of a crash all the money will go on the repairs because the luxury car rental Los Angeles companies are emotionally connected to their cars.

These a little bit unpopular brands are also cheaper. BMW 7 series you can get from 127$ per day which is a very reasonable price. There is also one brand of cars which are left behind and they are very important to mention. This is Lexus LS 2015. Driving in the Lexus is incredibly smooth and it offers a complete different satisfaction. Driving became like cruising. If you are searching for the biggest amusement and luxury then Lexus is something that is definitely worth of trying.
Would you still drive Ferrari no matter what? You can still enjoy in these wonderful cars and spent your vacations or holidays with them by your side. For instance, if you want to pick some girl up and you do not drive you in Ferrari doesn’t mean that she will definitely peal you off. If you come in Mercedes or BMW and with their grandiose splendour then you can only guess what can happen later.
Picking your rental car is your own business and it is extremely personal decision. Just think twice before you agree that only Italians make luxury cars.